Owen Brunsden


Senior Recovery Adjuster

Email:  obrunsden@w-e-cox.co.uk
Tel:      +44  161 772 0755


Owen joined W.E. Cox Claims Group in September 2019 and has worked in the Marine Industry for 5 years and the wider insurance industry for 12 years, mainly with one of the world’s leading Marine Insurers. Owen has gained expertise primarily in Marine Recoveries and Subrogation but also has experience with Reinsurance, Catastrophic loss analysis and MI/Reporting.
Over the years he has handled many large and complex recoveries and developed a broad knowledge of international and domestic transportation conventions such as CMR, Montreal/Warsaw, Hague/Visby, Carmack, HGB, RHA, BIFA etc. He has worked closely with various legal suppliers at home and abroad and has travelled within the UK and overseas for mediation.